Are you passionate about Salesforce and excited by all the amazing features that you have yet to discover? Do you thrive on analysing complex business challenges and coming up with innovative Salesforce solutions?

Having won a stack of amazing projects, ProQuest is on a high-growth path and here is your unique opportunity to join the A-team: get mentored by the most accomplished Salesforce consultants and get exposed to highly-complex Salesforce project architectures. This will take your Salesforce expertise and your career to brand new horizons.

Field Service, Maps, CPQ, Lightning Web Components, Vlocity, MuleSoft, Einstein, Tableau CRM… you will be trained and empowered to master these game changing technologies.

Here is your next career move: Join ProQuest Consulting.

You are...

  • A Salesforce trailblazer.
  • Used to picking apart a problem until you find the right solution.
  • Careful about the quality of your work
  • Good in building strong relationships with your teammates and your customers.
  • Never shying away from challenging projects and you like stepping outside of your comfort zone.
  • A strong believer in continuous improvement and never miss an opportunity to sharpen your skills.
  • Agile, and you thrive working that way.
  • A real team player that believes the best solutions are done in a group.

You have…

  • 2+ years experience working with Salesforce solutions
  • Salesforce Administrator Certification/s
  • A good understanding of the Salesforce platform
  • Proven experience in business analysis
  • Ability to understand a client’s problem and come up with multiple solutions
  • Ability to translate a business process into an activity flow
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to explain technical issues with non-technical personnel

Your typical day at ProQuest might look like...

It’s Monday. You ride your bike and park it outside 37 Pitt Street. Quick shower on Level 4, grab a hot coffee, and enjoy a healthy breakfast in the kitchen with your fellow ProQuesters, sharing the highlights of your weekend. It’s 9:30 am – time for the weekly standup. You hear what the other teams have achieved last week, in relation to “Excellence”, the ProQuest core value of the week, and discover what they plan to achieve this week. You then speak for your team and share your project updates. Grab one more piece of fruit and head to a meeting room for your daily project standup conference call. Back to your desk where you are pairing with Laura to continue the implementation of crew management and self-service portal on your current Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning project.

You see dumplings come through the door for lunch and realise that today is our weekly OneQuest knowledge sharing session. You grab a plate and take a seat on the couch. Santosh is presenting the MuleSoft integration architecture that recently went live last week, and already generated massive benefits to the customer. Inspiring!

You jump in an Uber with your teammates to meet your customer at their office for the usual fortnightly product backlog refinement session, where you help them articulate requirements, write user stories and guide them towards a solution. Back to the office for poker sizing where you and your team whiteboard the solution and estimate your work. Time to blow off some steam, so you grab a paddle and a worthy opponent for a match of table tennis in Winterfell (yes, our conference rooms are named after Game of Thrones locations). All of that hard work, and it’s time to head home to rest up for a whole new set of challenges tomorrow.

We are...

  • The leading Salesforce Field Service Lightning partner in Australia
  • Experts in delivering successful multi-cloud Salesforce projects for the last 9 years
  • Passionate about designing transformative solutions that have a real impact on our customer's business
  • Working in genuine Agile teams using our refined PQScrum framework
  • Committed to continuously improve our company culture.

We offer…

  • Competitive salary
  • Awesome workplace and work life balance
  • Profit sharing
  • Work from home
  • Compensated after-hour work
  • Team building activities
  • Macbook Pro laptop
  • Paid career advancement opportunities: certifications, training, conferences

Come and join us…

By applying today. We will review your application and you’ll hear from us either way. If you have the right experience, our Employee Experience Specialist Georgia will give you a call.