Don’t you dream of designing innovative and groundbreaking solutions that unleash the full power of Salesforce?

We are looking for a teamplayer with extensive experience in consulting and a deep technical knowledge of Salesforce to join our team of amazing professionals.

ProQuest Consulting is a Sydney-based Platinum Partner with almost 10 years of experience building powerful multi-cloud Salesforce solutions using our very disciplined Agile PQScrum framework, across various industries incl. Public Sector, Energy, Manufacturing, High-Tech and Telco. Our company culture is based on our core values of Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Innovaction and Customer Centricity.

Here is your next career move: Join ProQuest Consulting.

You are...

  • A Salesforce trailblazer who shines when playing in a team
  • Comfortable in customer-facing workshops and understand business challenges
  • Determined to pick apart a problem until you find the right solution
  • Efficient at guiding customers to make informed decisions
  • Extra careful about the quality of your work - very strong attention to details
  • Good in building strong relationships with your teammates and your customers
  • Someone that never shies away from challenging projects and you like stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Agile, and thrive working that way

You have…

  • 3+ experience in Apex programming (Triggers, VF pages, etc)
  • 5+ certifications including Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Consultant
  • Comfortable designing robust Data Models
  • Successfully implemented real-time webservice-based Salesforce integrations
  • Experience with integration middleware (Informatica, Talend, Boomi, etc)
  • Strong background with another OOP language (Java, .Net)
  • Proficient in Javascript and Lightning Component development
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to explain technical issues to non-technical personnel

Your typical day at ProQuest might look like...

It’s Monday. You ride your bike and park it at 37 Pitt St. Quick shower on level 4, grab a coffee, and enjoy a healthy breakfast in the kitchen with the other ProQuesters sharing the highlights of your weekend. 9:30 is the weekly standup: you hear what the other teams have achieved last week, in relation to Excellence, the ProQuest core value of the week, and what they plan to achieve this week. You then speak for your team and share your project updates. One more banana and you head to a meeting room for your daily project standup conf-call. Back to your desk where you are pairing with Laura today to implement an AI-powered chatbot feature through a community portal.

You see dumplings come through the door for lunch and realise that today is our weekly OneQuest knowledge sharing session. You grab a plate and a seat on the couch. Chris is presenting the Informatica Cloud integration architecture that recently went live last week, and already generated massive benefits to the customer. Inspiring! You share a giphy on Slack in the #general channel to thank Chris for the awesome presentation and hop on Chatter to post a quick thanks!

You jump in a cab with your team to go and meet your customer for the usual fortnightly product backlog refinement session, where you help them articulate requirements, write user stories and guide them towards a solution. Back to the office for poker sizing: you and your team whiteboard the solution and estimate your work. Time to blow off some steam so you grab a paddle and a worthy opponent for a match of table tennis in Winterfell (did we mention the conference rooms are named after Game of Thrones?). All of that hard work, and it’s time to head home to rest up for a whole new set of challenges tomorrow.

We are...

  • The leading Field Service Lightning partner in Australia.
  • First partner ever to implement and deploy a Consumer Goods Cloud solution.
  • Advanced expertise in Salesforce DX, DevOps, Lightning Web Components.
  • Over 300 Salesforce Solutions delivered in APAC.
  • Focus on employee well-being and career progression
  • Based in Circular Quay, passionate about designing transformative solutions that have a real impact on our customer's business.
  • Committed to the continuous improvement of our company culture.

We offer…

  • Competitive salary
  • Awesome workplace and work life balance
  • Profit sharing
  • Work from home
  • Compensated after-hour work
  • Team building activities
  • Macbook Pro laptop with 27” HD monitors
  • Paid career advancement opportunities: certifications, training, conferences

Come and join us…

By applying today. We will review your application and you’ll hear from us either way. If you have the right experience, our delightful Employee Experience Specialist Georgia will be in touch.

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